BEN-GSS (global security solutions)

  • Фото: BEN-GSS (global security solutions)
  • Фото: BEN-GSS (global security solutions)

BEN GSS Ltd. serves as a holding company in the security field by:

A. Purchasing security companies globally.
B. Implementing the company's unique security method.
C. Distributing and marketing security products and technologies.

The company had developed a security model that gives optimum solutions which are refined to suit every client’s needs. We design turnkey security projects according to client requirements.

The company provides its customers with all existing security solutions:

a) Preparing physical and electronic security plan for the premises
b) Installation of the physical security structure
c) Installation of the electronic security system
d) Training of the security staff
e) Connecting all operating systems to the company’s central control
f) Turning the complete system operational
g) Professional quality control inspection

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