Financial and business intelligence

  • Фото: Financial and business intelligence
  • Фото: Financial and business intelligence

Financial and business intelligence (F&BI) is a financial advisory services firm.
The services we provide:
Financial Picture (Narrative Report):
- Company’s look for possible investors or buyers, creditors and bankers
- “Aggressive” accounting policy and financial frauds detection
- Financial position and policy of the competitors and counterparts

Financial X-ray (Projections & Forecasting):
- Current financial management policy
- Financial risks and stability
- Financial performance efficiency
- Steps to improve financial performance efficiency
- Steps to improve business activity

Financial Make-up (Audit & Review):
- Steps to keep company in financial “corset” to avoid “red flags”
- Steps to plan more precisely financial statements

F&BI has exclusive marketing rights to represent Sageworks’ product – ProfitCents – Financial Analysis Software with Artificial Intelligence. Its data is used by the researchers from NY University and Harvard Business School.

ProfitCents is an accounting solution designed to help firms differentiate their services, build client relationships, provide more advisory services and perform core accounting functions all within one, easy-to-use software solution.

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Financial and business intelligence
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